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Hell yeah, this book is a project. As they say, it’s not about one book, it’s about me setting up a lifelong career as an author. And that’s actually the real project, but for now, I’m focused on making a splash with Quanology: Evolution & You. I’ve got the essay The Gene-ish Self along for the ride as a little sidekick. It was not accepted into the Amazon Kindle Singles program, so I’m making lemonade with it and using it as an additional book to be sold an Amazon.

Anyway, I’ve set up an Asana account to manage all the steps a bit better. Sometimes I think half my time is spent making lists of what I have to do. I’m sure that won’t go away, but hopefully using Asana will help.

So, Asana is free for teams of up to 15 people. I’m a 1 man team, so no problems there. It lets you create projects, sections, and tasks. It’s all very intuitive and I didn’t have to spend 5 seconds reading any instructions.



This is what my new Asana looks like

Being a self-publishing author means doing everything yourself. To be honest, I like it that way. But since I’m new to all this, a lot of the hard part is determining exactly what to do. For now, this looks like a solid set of tasks. I wish I could share all this with other people, and just as much wish I could see what other authors are up to.

Anyway, back to work.