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This guy is incredible. Some human beings are super-human beings. More importantly, this super-human being is here to help you in life. He is someone people feel strongly about because he feels strongly about everything. There are other self-help leaders but Robbins seems to be in a league of his own. He seems to consistently get real results with high profile people. People like Andre Agassi, Pamela Anderson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Mikhail Gorbachev, and Hugh Jackman. He comes in to help them either get back on track to where they were or to add new perspective on dealing with certain issues. There is no other performance coach I know of who so consistently help such big names. He is paid for this help.

Personally, he was recommended to me by a friend. I bought his book Awaken the Giant Within but it didn’t really get me. Years later when I was really lost and had no idea how to get found, I got the audio book Get the Edge. Maybe it was the moment, maybe it was the passion in his voice, but it really hit home. Personal Power had the same effect.

Robbins has a very practical, result driven system that puts aside such typical self-help themes as interpretation of emotions and how your childhood made you who you are. He focuses instead on the here and now and helps you to manipulate your emotional state to something more effective. If life stinks, he says, it’s because your mental state and attitude stink. For Robbins, changing these things is a physical exercise.

Currently, I’m reading his latest, and first book in 20 years, MONEY Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom. It’s fantastic. He’s taken his passion for helping people and has channeled it towards the goal of financial equality. He sees how many people are getting taken by the financial system and he is setting it straight.

With Robbins, we find a genuinely caring person who has made it his mission to help. I can’t possibly aspire to be like him in terms of his drive and presence, but we all can learn a lot from a guy who goes deep into subjects with the ultimate goal at heart: a good life.