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Here we see Larry David complaining about how Christians want you to be Christian too. He compare their love of Jesus to his love of lobster, and argues that he does not try to convert his friends to lobster eaters.

In reality this is not true. He does want you to like lobster and I argue in Quanology that we all want people on our team, and that means we want them to like the things we like. This is how we “impregnate” people culturally, we get them to align with our cultural fancies and beliefs. In some ways, liking lobster is the same as liking Jesus, and anything you like you want other people to like. Preferably, you want them to like it and accredit you to having gotten them to like it. Jesus, or lobster, is in some way who you are and when other people like it, they take in a part of you.

As cultural beings, this is subconsciously what we want. We want to put our genes in other people, and we want our ideas in their heads, running around doing things that ultimately help out our genetic lives. None of this is conscious – we don’t want to pass on our genes, we just want to have sex or raise a family. And we don’t want to make people like what we like, we just want to share something special we’ve found. It is fascinating that Larry David and Christian evangelists don’t see this going on. They see the other team doing it and think they are silly, while they themselves pretend not to want the same thing. This charade adds to hide the real manipulation going on under the skin.

So, I urge you all, when having dinner with Larry David, to take the menu the waiter gives you, don’t open it and just say “I’m having the lobster”. You’ll be his favorite at the table.