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What is Quanology

Quanology is a look at life through the eyes of evolution. We’re animals and that means we need to understand ourselves first as living things before we can understand ourselves in this modern world.

With Evolution as the foundation, we get to take a new look at everything. We start with ourselves so many thousand years ago. The whole idea of evolutionary psychology rests on the fact that our brains have not evolved much in the past 50,000 years. But since that time our world has changed dramatically. Our behavior can be largely explained when we take a look at that time and place our brains evolved to be most effective in. I call that time and place The Sweet Spot. When we understand The Sweet Spot and what we were doing in it we get this moment of real clarity. We can really start to understand how the world works and why we do the things we do. What I also hope is that we will better understand the best way forward for ourselves – not only in terms of setting goals but of getting them too.

Along the way we’ll look at sex, family, politics, economics, war, violence, art, drugs, charity, and progress.

Evolution runs them all. We’ll see that every step we take forward is a technology that is passed on from person to person and generation to generation just like those genes are passed on. Technology is the real reason we’re here and not “there”. And in Quanology we’ll see that it’s not just spreadsheets, machines, and computers, it’s communication, it’s strategy, and it’s thoughts.

If you’re now like I was, you’re confused a lot by things that seem to make no sense. Why do bad things happen to good people and why do some jerks seem to be getting a free ride? Why is there pain in the world? Why is life so hard? Why are we fucking up the planet? Well, I’ve found a system to give it all it’s rightful place. It won’t all be pretty or what you want to here, but it does fit. When we can at least understand how the world works, not how we want it to work, we can take a breather and start to take real measures to correct it. When we understand ourselves and others better, not as we want them to be, we can also gain peace of mind and then go about making ourselves better. Cause what else do you want to do?


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