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The Book


I’ve written a book called Quanology, subtitle Evolution & You. It’s about Evolution and it’s about You. Everybody has some creative ideas about how the world works and what people are doing on this planet, but really science has some better ideas. I’ve taken the information that scientists know and have applied it to our lives.

The concept is Quanology, because we all want a good life. And the Quan is that idea that Rod Tidwell talks about in Jerry MaguireQuanology cover

I’m thoroughly convinced that Quanology will change your life – first and foremost by changing the way you see the world. Our conscious brains can miss all the subconscious things that are really driving us. And there is only one thing driving us – gene proliferation. Didn’t see that coming. That may sound technical, but it’s totally hands-on and this book will show you what’s really driving your every day actions and how it’s actually a good thing.

And evolution is good. People talk about Darwinism and give it a bad connotation, but let’s leave Darwin out of it and just talk about this force that dominates our lives. Evolution has given us war and murder and general assholes, but it’s also given us great things.


We’re gonna talk about the big subjects here: love, hate, jealousy, war, art, technology, and of course, sex. I’ll show you that when you look through the eyes of evolution, it all fits.